4d-snake tutorial

So you’ve decided to give the fourth dimension a try. There’s a couple things to know when visiting the fourth dimension.

Your snake

The first thing to know is who you are. You are a snake that can travel in 4 different dimensions. X, Y, Extended-X, and Extended-Y. You start off as one of the black squares. Press an arrow key to see yourself take off and be prepared to avoid a wall.


The next thing to know is how to move. You have access to both the arrow keys (up,down,left,right), and the W.A.S.D. keys. The arrow keys direct your snake within a block. The W.A.S.D. keys enable movement in the Extended-X direction and the Extended-Y direction. They help you move from block to block. It’s helpful to practice W.A.S.D. movement.

Our game has cake

Next you need to know how to eat and grow. Red squares are food. The goal is to navigate to them before others can. Often food will not be in the same block as you. This is where using the W.A.S.D. becomes necessary. Be careful, and be ready to use your arrow keys to stop your travel.


As is the case for most snake games, you do want to avoid walls, as well as any segments left behind by yourself and others. These are the black squares. Don’t touch those. The good news is that by having more directions our ability to avoid dangers is improved. The trade off is that when we travel in extra-dimensions it takes a little more effort to see dangers coming. So be careful!

Getting around obstacles

Sometimes you can get yourself in the same block as your objective but there may be a few obstacles in the way. More often than not you can go around them, but sometimes it's faster to go over or under them. Simply travel to an adjacent block that is a little more clear. From there you can get past any obstacle that would have been in your way. Now getting yourself back into the right block and taking your prize is easy as pie.


Suggestions are always welcome. Please let me know if you have any.